December 21, 2014

Avaya Acquires Sipera, Bringing Added Security to Unified Communications

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Avaya this week announced it is acquiring Sipera Systems, Inc., a company best known for securing SIP trunks.  (Regular readers will recognize SIP from our previous post on its many benefits, to both IT and end users.)

Carousel Industries, of course, is a close partner of Avaya’s, so we are probably nearly as excited about the acquisition as Avaya is.  In a nutshell, it means Avaya (and Carousel), can now offer customers a product that’s been proven to help deliver more secure unified communications, by securing the various conversations UC makes possible. That holds true for VoIP calls, video, instant messaging, cloud-based communications such as white boards, and no matter what devices users may employ.


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Sipera Offers Strong Security for Unified Communications

Sipera’s UC-Sec appliances can enforce security policy across UC environments and block various threats, from distributed denial-of-service attacks to spoofing, masquerading and toll fraud. They also offer various levels of privacy, including encryption, and access control, including clientless 2-factor authentication.

In the press release announcing the acquisition, Dr. Alan Baratz, Senior Vice President and President of Global Communications Solutions for Avaya
, sums it up this way:

“Sipera’s broad portfolio of open, enterprise-focused security technologies strongly align with our own Avaya Aura unified communications architecture. Together, we will help customers simplify deployment, management and maintenance of secure, multi-vendor UC and contact center environments while providing them with greater flexibility to support remote and mobile employees using the device that best suits their needs.”

While Sipera products work with multiple vendors’ UC gear, our guess is you can expect tighter integration with Avaya over time; always a good thing.

Avaya’s Sipera Acquisition Wins Customer Approval

Avaya also included in its release a quote from a customer that it shares with Sipera, Martin LIttmann, director of IT for Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, which operates some 20 clinics in the Houston area.  His take:

“Robust communication capabilities and security of our integrated voice and data solutions were key considerations in our selection of Sipera’s technology with Avaya’s contact center and unified communications solutions. We are excited that this relationship is becoming a permanent one.”

Unified Communications is powerful technology, and the combination of Avaya and Sipera will help ensure it stays secure as well.  To learn more, contact Carousel today to speak with one of our Unified Communications experts. If you want to learn more about SIP, including how to implement it for your environment, download our free whitepaper, Moving To A SIP-Enabled Architecture.


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